Hypothetical! I can’t even figure out why the guy at the pet store puts 75 cat food cans in one bag and a tiny box of treats in another so that I stumble into my car leaning to one side. How can I possibly summarize human psychology in a few paragraphs?

People are highly complex and often mysterious, so we all struggle to understand our fellow humans. However, now that you’ve gotten over being afraid to sell, here are a few basic psychological insights that can help sell psychologically.

” People purchase based on emotions “

” These emotions are the quick driving factors for the customers to buy something they are looking for! So find out their emotional touchpoints before pitching about the product and understand where they feel more comfortable in believing you! “

This is when the rocket has to be launched into people’s mind space, Tell about your product and relate their emotions to your product. Here’s the deal while you talk about their emotions try to explain how your product features can comfort them.

Once the customer believed in your product, the emotion of having that product with him has to be injected by some stipulated facts based on the benefits of the product. This will help the customer to correlate their positive buying emotions for your product.

‘Now Always remember people justify their decisions with facts’

Suppose a man sees advertisement of a costly car and instantly liked it. However, he can’t get the car based on his feeling, but he reads all the technical information about engine and car specifications.

He wants the car so that it makes him feel good, but he will buy it only when he can justify the purchase rationally.

According to our marketing psychologists at Montaigne, even after customer likes your product there are 70% chances that customer restricts himself from buying the product because of various practical reasons like moment of need, the price of the product, lack of knowledge etc.

Let me tell you a situation where we made a huge number of sales with one of our product.

There will be a time where customer likes your product but insignificantly worry about the money they have to pay and asks you how much does this product cost? now while you disclose your price to the customer right away think again because once your customer knows your price you lost control over the product. Unless customer likes it and sees future advantages with the product he won’t purchase anything.

Now let’s see how our sales team managed to convince the customer to purchase the product.

” First Rule: Never disclose your product price at the initial stage of the talk. “

Instead of letting them know the price tell them simply “It Depends”. Now you must trigger customers positive buying emotions by explaining them your product plans and how the customer is going to benefit with each of the plans. Then, at last, disclose your prices to the customer. BOOM’ there you go with your sale without even negotiating with the customer.

Why this approach works?

This technique helps the customer to understand the product in-depth while attributing to the positive purchase emotions. Here the end-goal is to convince your customer that your product is a trump card.

‘Human Psychology is a deep and eternal revealing line of study. I think there is a great benefit in knowing not only what people do, but also why they do it.’

I hope this read helps you understand how people are subjected to their emotions and feelings and provided with some insights to help you with your product sales.

We will get back to you with more quality insights, till then Happy Hunting!

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