Did you know that 90% of online channels where ads & promotions are allowed will provide performance analytics for promoted content? This data contains wider metric analysis like impressions, locations, age, engagements, views, and clicks. As a well-known fact that there is no successful marketing strategy proven without detailed analytics data.

In digital marketing, there are thousands of posts being promoted for branding every minute and as an online platform is flooded with growing users every day, It is possible to reach out to your exact target audience with some important data metrics being analyzed before you promote anything.

Let us uncover some critical metrics data which can help to build successful marketing strategies

Age-based user analytics

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  • As every business has a various set of target audience spread across different industries, It is very important that to understand their mindset and behavior analytics before you go full throttle. Age-based analytics data will help you understand segregate your traffic according to age which can help you understand what type of users are liking your product. Moving forward with this data will let you develop user-specific posts having those interests which are related to the age of users you are targeting.

Growth tip: Facebook allows you to add multiple filters for your target audience type which includes age, gender, and interests, etc.

Geographical data analytics

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  • Many of the businesses have customers who come from various regions in the world, and often these users do not have a similar way of understanding and way of looking at the product. So, every successful marketer will target these users with multiple approaches based on the number of share in the need of the product or service for every region. Geographical data can make your ads and promotions targeted to a larger set of potential customers.

Growth tip: Google Adwords will allow you to run ads with multiple filters like streel-level, city-level, Pincode and area-based targeting.

Historical data analytics

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  • Before you start running any promotion campaign, It is always important to observe the historical performance data to better estimate what conversion rates you can target and to pinpoint what type of target audience to target first. Always, customer demographics keep changing according to the trend and necessity and often those ads which are promoted without doing certain historical analysis have very less success rate comparing to other campaigns having enough historical analytics to forecast the future growth and most of these campaigns can be seen having higher conversion rates.

Growth tip: Google keyword planner will give you historical data analysis for every search term along with the forecasted performance of every search term.

Post-campaign analytics

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  • Every completed campaign will give you enough data to foresee how your marketing strategy is working out with your target audience. Often, many people ignore the post- engagement metrics of every campaign which actually gives a clear picture of campaign performance in terms of goals achieved or targeted demographic analysis along with the numbers to estimate the exact performance rate of a campaign. Metrics like clicks, likes, impressions, and views are very important to observe after the campaign, this data will help you build more specific and accurate targeting for quality lead-generation.

Growth tip: There are many tools which can provide you with this tool, one tool I came across called LeadMirror, which is quite perfect to figure out the patters by observing the data points shown in the tool.

Competitive analytics

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  • There is no market that does not have direct competition, as observed from many years most of the small businesses and startups enter into promotions without having a watch on how competitors are pushing their campaigns or they stipulate just by the guts. These bigger companies are well-known for adapting to new ideas and approaches when it comes to branding and marketing. They made it difficult for other small companies to move forward with new strategies as they are replicated easily and optimized with the bigger players. Also, some niche’s have user-base which only trusts those who are providing services for many years and convincing them to like your product will take multiple iterations with different strategies, So it is always better to look into your competitors’ data before you start running campaigns.

Growth tip: Smart marketing application like LeadMirror can help you understand your competitor performance by tracking their data in real-time and they made it easy for the users to pick the patters for visually engaging dashboards.

Recurring user analytics

  • As an important principle that your recurring users are your best source who will generate high ROI. 80% of the marketing campaigns target various set of the audience rather than pooling out specific audience from the current running campaigns, this may result in getting new users but always the quality of the product remains same as there is very less share of recurring users visiting your website.
  • It is always important to build credibility for your website rather than only trying to promote your brand or product out to the users. Targeting only a specific target audience multiple times while removing non-relevant audiences for every stage will help you improve the credibility and trust score of your website. This approach will have a high LTV (life-time-value) for every user coming to your website.

Growth tip: Google Analytics – cohort analysis provides detailed flow graph of your recurring users over the course of time, this data can help you validate your marketing approaches.

There are many other metrics that can be observed with many use-cases to figure out patterns that can make targeting more accurate and lead-oriented. Currently, many tools are available online which gives you quality suggestions and actionable insights using these metrics.

Published On: January 4th, 2021 / Categories: Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy /

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